So many beautiful words of inspiration are spoken every year at Women Celebrate, and every year we capture the highlights and document them in an inspirational compilation called “Found Poetry”. See below for the latest gathering of poetic words from Women Celebrate.

Compiled by Mary Valentyn Pribbenow

Celebrate the Lord of love
This is our 13th year!!
There should be a prize for that…but there isn’t!
Welcome MC Hammer
the john is in the back on the left goin’ out
Ya gotta turn off that phone; they don’t need ya at home
Looks like love is everywhere
This is like a pregnancy
We come to celebrate your love
I like simple…I like simple love.
Open my heart to feel your love in a new way
Open my heart
All you need is love…love is all you need
It’s not that complicated
I’ve been wanting to do this for years!
I have chosen the better portion
Why does love get so complicated, especially when we hitch it to God’s love?
We want to get down home personal
Because you first loved me—that gets complicated
All the great and holy women of the scriptures are your ancestors
Each of us comes with a history…to refine, to define, to become closer
God, why do you love me?
Are you there God, do you see me, do you hear me?
When is the last time you heard God say come here, and held your face?
Dancing with God…ma, ya gotta get locked up!
What do you desire?  For God is woven deep within…
He touched me…
He relentlessly chases me
We have nothing to fear.
I’ve never been more content to be a nut
Lord God, your love is powerful and stronger than anything else and that’s what we celebrate
All God wanted to tell us, through Jesus, is that we’re number one!
Promise me…we won’t be afraid anymore
Thank you, God…thank you!
I write the email, my mom calls me about the email, and we talk about the email.
All of a sudden I’m in the middle of the floor with a gallon of fudge ripple!
It is real life, but it’s not really life
Jesus kept it simple
Prayers will always be heard by our loving God
Last time I was here pleather was in
Every single one of you ladies is called to be here
Anybody else get bad fish?
Beertox…you might want to crack a few beers
Big green bucket, a little green bucket…there’s a spigot
We are all on our journey.

I was always wondering—how am I going to live? Who am I gonna follow?
Stop thinking and start trusting
Are you just going through the motions?
Continually focusing on Jesus kept me going
I want to be in a church group that I do life with.
We have a bible study on Wednesday mornings and there’s always an empty chair!
Whatever your will, whatever your will, can you help me find it?
The Holy Spirit is alive in the hearts of Catholics and I’m being fed to my heart’s content.
Nuns were nuns and priests were men
Mister we could use a man like Fulton Sheen again!
Bless the Lord oh my soul worship His holy name
Jump out of bed like toast
God’s big box of chocolate
It’s really not that complicated
God is the person who made all of us
God is in our heart
God is living for us
God is our savior
Why did God make us?
Because He loves us.
According to your will, according to your heart…you answer, when I pray. Father, bless me indeed.  Put your hand upon me.
You have what I’m havin’ and he’s Jesus!
My gift is encouragement
Two beautiful daughters in two years
You’re here, you’re hopeful and you’re faithful

God always gives us a way out
We live through the suffering in the risen Jesus Christ
If there is no night, there is no day
God uses ordinary people:
Job went bankrupt
Martha was a worry wart
Lazarus was dead!!
He was the face of Christ for me in my suffering
I decided I would be filled with joy!
What if your blessings come through raindrops? What if your healing comes through tears?
Get rid of the excuses
Boldly ask the Lord for what you need
It’s hard to recognize Him in the world if we don’t know Him
You are severely malnourished!
I was praying you through that!
When we suffer, we think God has left us—God is constant
God writes these on our hearts:
To be beautiful
To be loved
To be needed
Everything that is good is from God.

The Lord never gets tired of forgiving our sins, we forget to ask His forgiveness
Put a little love in your heart
Music is my melody
I need a hero
Above all, He always, always loves you!
Don’t look at me
I see who I wanna be in my daughter’s eyes
Pick up your crap!
Why am I here?
God does have a plan for me, He’s just not telling me…
I wish I was more confident in being a mom
Patience, patience, patience
She is like my heart…
My mommy’s my favorite
She’s the best!
Why are they so long?
Cut the worry; trust in the story God has planned for you
I know you’ll give me what I’m supposed to have
It’s not good…pray very hard
I trust in your plan…be with my baby, Lord.
Show strength, real faith, and emit joy
You’re doing the best you can.  Aren’t we all???
God’ll put a hand on my shoulder and say “breathe!”
God has taught me whatever is thrown my way, I can handle.
Do you really believe in Him and in your story that He has for you?
We just need to do our best!
Seek out a soul friend and be free
Reconciliation- Sacrament of a new heart
And we will dance on streets that are golden
His word my hope secures
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
Who you are
You are never too much and you are always enough
You are worth more than you can ever imagine
In the eyes of the Lord God you are loved and you are worth dying for
You are powerful, strong, and capable
Find that woman and set that woman free
I am a daughter of the living God…I am awesome
Please don’t you forget it
I took the nails, took the mockery, I gave my life just to set you free and hoped you’d feel my love
My love is everlasting love
I give to you my love
Dear Child, I chose you when I planned creation
You are fearfully and wonderfully made
And it is my desire to lavish my love on you
For you are my treasured possession
I have carried you close to my heart
I am for you, not against you. I am waiting for you
Will you be my child?
The only gift in life that truly matters is that our God is deeply in love with us
How can we love them?  They’re our children and nothing they can do can undo our love for them.
Little bear cub…little bone head
Deep in my heart, I really was stubborn
Answer me!  I must know!
The wind stopped blowing
I love you
Is my love enough for you to heal your broken heart?
Will you love me?
Yes with all my heart
I love you… you are mine
What have you brought for healing? What is it that blocks?
Come back to me with all your heart
Here I am Lord
Holiness is Christ in me!
…because He first loved us….because you first loved me
Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what God has ready for those who love Him
When I look in your heart, all I see is Christ
There is no darkness that the love of God cannot pierce
There’s a danger in loving:  the more gentle you are, the more loving you are, the kinder you are, the world will hate you
We must love ~ it is a love that is eternal
Emboldened to be more kind and loving than ever before
And the world will take notice
And the world will want to know why…and we say because I see the Christ in you
It is that love of God that will sustain us always…always…always…