Faith Filled Women Celebrate Weekend

by Katie (Hietpas) Klein

It was Women Celebrate 2013 and it was my 2nd year being a part of the Women Celebrate team. The theme for that year was “JESUS” and that He was ever present that weekend for me and several others. I remember walking out into the hallway Friday night right before program started and seeing my cousin Emily in the hall. I had no idea that she was attending and was so excited to see her there, especially since it was her first time at Celebrate. I knew that she and her husband were trying to have a baby and I could tell that she was ready for a weekend of prayer. On Saturday afternoon during free time activities, we had prayer teams set up in the ballroom. I was camped out in the back of the room during this time and was thinking about Emily. I sent her a text, telling her that if she was looking to be prayed over, that I would go with her. She didn’t respond, so I assumed that it was not something she was comfortable doing. A little while later, I packed up my things and left the ballroom. As I was walking down the hall, Emily came running towards me. She had told me that she had just got my text message and was hoping there was still time to be prayed over. She said that she hadn’t had her phone with her all weekend and for some reason, she took it with her that afternoon and checked it. We walked into the prayer room, and our aunt Lisa was waiting in the prayer line. We joined her and grabbed my mom too, who is also a Women Celebrate team member. When it was our turn, Emily sat down with Jerry and Delores Schaeffer, longtime Women Celebrate prayer warriors. Emily began to cry as she told them that she was praying for a baby. We all placed our hands on her and Jerry and Delores began to pray in tongues. This was something I had never experienced. It was so overwhelming to be in their presence, and the most prayerful experience my life thus far. I could feel Jesus standing right there with us. After a few minutes, Jerry looked at Emily and said, “how about a baby by Christmas?” We all started crying, as we couldn’t believe what we were witnessing. He told Emily to go forward with expectant faith. Emily didn’t know it at the time, but she was already pregnant. In October of that year, Emily and her husband welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. God is SO GOOD!

Expectant faith can be difficult at times, but if we live our lives with that motto that Jerry shared with us that day, we will receive grace and answered prayer!